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001: Hubble-nebel.jpg

Picture taken from 'Astronomy Picture of the Day'

You can place a description of your image file in a file starting with the name of the image file itself and ending on '.desc.txt'. For example, this text is placed in a file named 'Hubble-nebel.desc.txt'.

You can donwload DBIV from releases/

Image files:

001Hubble-nebel.jpg(21 KB)
002dbiv-footer.gif(12 KB)
003dbiv-header.gif(10 KB)
004so-arbeitet-dbiv.gif(19 KB)

Non-image files:

001abbreviations.txt(11 KB)
002human-rights.txt(13 KB)
003morse-code.txt(3 KB)


DBIV — Directory Browser & Image viewer by Roman Schechtel. Released 2002-10-25